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If you're having a problem with your well pump, call your local experts at John M Wilhide Plumbing & Heating Inc. We can diagnose any problem you are having with your well, from pump problems to more complex issues. We service all brands of well pump or can install a new Gould well pump for you.


All work we do for you comes with a 1-YEAR guarantee on workmanship, as well as the manufacturer's warranty on the products, so make your appointment with us today for licensed, professional well pump service.

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You can get service for deep well, shallow well, submersible, jet, and booster systems. Jet pumps are used in shallow wells. It can be found on top of the ground or in the basement, whereas submersible pumps will be located in the well. Regardless of where your pump is, we can service it for you.


You should also have a water expansion tank with your pump system, and the air in your tank should be checked annually. Not having the proper amount of air in your tank can cause the premature failure of your pump. We sell water pressure tanks, and will evaluate your tank for you, so call us today.

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