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Water Equipment Service

Water conditioning and water softening help improve the quality of your water, reducing or eliminating scaling, sediment, and impurities. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your water, then get in touch with John M Wilhide Plumbing & Heating Inc. today.


We can install or service your water conditioning equipment, and test your water for pH level, hardness, and iron.  If you have a water softener, neutralizer or UV light installed, you should have those serviced annually.

Important Water Equipment Service and Installation

Important UV bulb information

Water Conditioning Equipment Services

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Manufacturers recommend that your UV bulbs which are used to control bacteria count should be replaced annually to prevent bacteria from being present in your water. Make sure you have your bulbs replaced regularly to keep yourself and your family safe from potentially harmful bacteria.


We service and install Lancaster Water Treatment equipement. We also service ATS and many other brands of water equipment.  You’ll receive a 1-YEAR guarantee on all workmanship, plus the manufacturer’s warranty.  Call us today for licensed, professional, and high quality workmanship.  

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